Webinar 38: The Danish biogas industry as a model for Ireland

A live recording of webinar 38 is available here.
Topic Overview
Denmark has always been a leader in biogas development, having adopted and developed the basic technology ahead of most of Europe in the 1990’s. In the past 6 years biogas production has tripled – with the vast majority coming from agricultural biogas plants. Denmark is a country of similar size and agricultural practice to Ireland. In this webinar we introduce Bruno Sander Nielsen CEO of the Danish Biogas Association, who discussed what Ireland could learn from the successful development of a biogas industry in Denmark and the potential for implementing a similar model in Ireland.

Bruno Sander Nielsen is employed at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council since 1990. He has worked for the Danish Biogas Association for 25 years where he is currently working as Chief Operations Officer. He is also Chief Advisor for the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC).