This research has been funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) under its Research, Development and Demonstration (RDD) 2017 research call.
The objective of this research is to aid the deployment of this type of technology by “de-risking” the planning process for developers (community or traditional), by facilitating consistency, clarity and transparency in the decision-making processes of planning authorities when considering applications for the development of bioenergy technologies in projects of all scales in urban and rural contexts in Ireland.

The bioenergy sector is dynamic in nature and covers a wide range of energy generating technologies which have been deployed at a variety of scales in urban and rural contexts in Ireland. The applications which have been submitted to date offer an opportunity to reflect on the issues which have arisen in relation to the assessment of projects
This research will address a number of areas focused on the manner in which the Irish planning system interacts with the proposition, assessment and development of bioenergy projects. The main areas considered in this research are set out below;

  • Planning guidance recommendations for bioenergy projects in Ireland;
  • Societal Acceptance; and
  • Legislative alignment of bioenergy with pre-existing development classes as set out in primary planning legislation (Planning and Development Act 2000 [as amended] and the Planning and Development Regulations [as amended]

The purpose of this project is to comprehensively assess the perception and passage of bioenergy projects through the Irish planning system. This research will seek to address the implications of the issues which influence the development of bioenergy projects in Ireland. This project addresses two key impediment/barriers to the wide spread sustainable development of bioenergy projects. This research will address these issues with reference to mature bioenergy markets in Europe further afield.

View the report: Planning Guidance Recommendations for Bioenergy Projects in Ireland