National Bioenergy Conference Webinar Special 4: COP26 Goal 4 – Work together to deliver

For all those who took part in this webinar or those who would like to catch up. You can view the live recording of the Presentation here


This was the final webinar in the IrBEA National Bioenergy Conference Series, we will discuss the enormous scale of the challenge in meeting emissions reduction targets. No one solution proposed today will get us to where we need to be. This challenge will require all stakeholders working together and every option, solution and technology playing its part.  This webinar heard speakers discuss what positive developments have occurred over COP26. Kiara Zennaro also discussed developments in the UK with Paddy Phelan focusing on the newly publicised Climate Action Plan 2021 for Ireland. James Cogan discussed the difficulties of translating pledges made at COP26 into a reality on the ground. As an expert in biofuels he also reviewed the current challenges facing the biofuels sector.


Kiara Zennaro The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

James CoganClonBio Group

Paddy PhelanCEO of 3cea & IrBEA President

Seán Finan (Chair) – CEO IrBEA