WEBINAR 39: NNFCC’s 2023 Irish anaerobic digestion report explores current deployment ahead of expected biogas and biomethane market growth

A live recording of webinar 39 is available here.

Topic Overview
In this webinar NNFCC’s discussed their report on Irish anaerobic digestion deployment and they looked ahead to the expected biogas and biomethane market growth potential. As strategic business consultants, NNFCC are monitoring the state and growth of the Irish AD market, and are well positioned to support new business opportunities and new entrants as activity ramps up. This webinar shared the current policy and market position and intended to set the baseline for the intended growth.

Andrea Muñoz García
Senior Consultant Andrea has a PhD in Green and Sustainable Chemistry and she has a special interest in carbon capture. She carries out market and technology research and writes project proposals for a range of public and private sector clients. She is the NNFCC contact for the H2020 project Shikifactory100.