Video of the Biogas 3 project

Here is a video explaining the Biogas3 project, it was made by the Spanish partners AINIA View

Project Documents – A report on small scale AD in agro-food companies and the potential barriers

This report gives an overview of the status of small scale AD in the EU and more specifically it surveys each of the partners country. It provides information on the current situation, the market, the barriers and the potential going forward for this biogas model View

Biogas Equipment Handbook available online

Under the Biogas3 project ( a Biogas Equipment Handbook was designed specifically for smaller scale anaerobic digestion plants (circa under 100KWe or equivalent). The handbook is distributed across the 7 partner countries in the project and beyond. IrBEA and its project partners in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden will be promoting smaller scale Biogas concepts to the agri-food industry right across these countries, and the handbook that will contain data on equipment collected from this email shot will be central to this promotion. View the handbook here